Crushed Tahini Lentils & Pita

finished lentils 3

I wish I thought of lentils more. Not just in my day dreams alongside Brad Pitt in a skimpy apron, but when I’m making grocery lists & attempting easy week night recipes. For some reason I have a mental block against them, like long division & dark chocolate. I’m sure there is some Freudian explanation, like I I’m really just pretending to like them & my subconscious knows it, or my great aunt Betty didn’t love me enough as a child, or I associate them with all that dang long division.

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Bacon & Potato Frittata


Frittatas really are a magical beast. Leftover pasta? Throw it in there. Roasted veggies? Why the hell not. 7 cheeses slowly rotting in your fridge? Lay it on me, sister. These statements may not inspire you to ever eat one of my frittatas, but I hope they have the potential to send you eagerly to your fridge to find your next combination of random foodstuffs.

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Skillet Eggs and Polenta

close egg and pan

And, finally, it rains. Not so joyous an occasion for sun bathers, felines, and other bitter Betsy-types, but most of California breathed a slight sigh of relief when the skies opened up this morning. My reaction? “I don’t have to water my plants!” and a beer was opened in observance of this glorious day. So, I’m in the celebration camp, but probably for the wrong (read: lazy) reasons.

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