Challah & S’mores Babka

Smores babka and challah

I spent many moons believing that Babka was a weekend-only kind of project – a delightful adventure only to be embarked upon if you had 57 hours to dedicate and no kids as far as the eye could see. Oops! Mea culpa. I started this spiral-y, messy, cracked-out cutie at 8:30 this morning, and by noon she was done. DONE, people! AND she came with a challah friend, because apparently you can use the same dough for both and just divide it in half. Crazy talk!

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Apple Crumb Custard Cake



Here’s the short version of why this blog died for awhile: got a new job, got married, got injured, got better, and am, finally, getting back on the horse (he galloped away from me for awhile, the gosh darn so-and-so). Hopefully, laziness won’t encourage me to put another 18-month blogless black hole under my belt anytime soon. May the force be with me.

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Fresh Corn Spoonbread

spoonbread, cornbread

I have a soft spot for cornmeal. My Italian side loves it for polenta & pizza dough, while my Southern side demands sweet cornbread with lots of honey butter. This time, the latter won out & it was off to the Internet of Things to find inspiration.

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