Chop me up

A quick an easy way to dice onions, so you don’t have to spend the evening assuring everyone that you weren’t crying over lingering memories of Old Yeller.

Cut the onion in half from root to bud. You will want each half to have “ends”. Peel off the crispy outer layer.

Now chop off the bud top. Take your impressive chef knife and slice the onion like this:

Make several cuts like this up the side of the onion, being careful not to pass the knife all the way through. Cut almost to the root end, but leaving it intact so that the layers stay together. Then make cuts like this:

Now you’re ready for action. Turn the onion and do the final onion chopping dance:

Voila! Depending on how many cuts you make along the way, you can have tiny little bits or larger. Supersweet!

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